2014 Midtown Toronto Subway Shutdown Expected to Cause Chaos

John Manneh October 4, 2013

TTC subway sign-141The Midtown Toronto Subway is set to shut down between St. Clair and Eglinton sometime early next year to replace the aging track bet between the two stations. This will mean no subway service for busy downtown Toronto commuters.  Instead, riders will have to use shuttle buses to take them back and forth between the two stations.

Coun. Josh Matlow told the National Post that if subway riders can’t get where they need to go, they will opt to drive, resulting in “more cars within the same space.”

Matlow wants a full explanation and a strategic plan from TTC CEO Andy Byford before final decisions are taken. He is also asking if the work can be done overnight or on weekends, or in August when fewer people are in the city.

The TTC has acknowledged it is looking at all possible options to make sure that the impact on traffic and commuters is minimized.

“We would have to put a lot of buses on, we would have to do it in a very militaristic type of fashion in terms of the relentlessness of the bus service. We’d have to work with the city and police in terms of some lane restrictions perhaps — southbound during the morning rush hour, northbound during the afternoon rush hour,” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told 680News.

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