5 Ways An Agent Can Help You Rent Out Your House Or Condo

John Manneh March 4, 2014

Here are 5 things we can do to help you best rent out your house or condo successfully.


1. Get The Tenant’s Credit Score
We are looking for a minimum score of at least 750 points on a possible tenant’s credit score. This will go a long way to you being comfortable and confident that they are going to be paying their rent on time.


2. Contact References 
These are both personal references as well and references from previous landlords.


3. Ask For Proof Of Salary
The next thing we will do is make sure that we get a letter of employment from the tenant with their salary in writing. This will make sure that we feel confident that they can afford the rent that you are charging.


4. Criminal Record Check 


5. Meet the tenant in person
Peopl can often check out very well on paper, and have a great letter of employment. However, you also want to meet them to see how they present themselves, and get a good feeling for whether you want theses tenants to be living in your property.


Final Factors To Screen For 
  • Making sure the tenant does not have a pet, if you are not allowing pets.
  • Making sure the tenant is a non-smoker if you do not allow smoking in the property.


If you are looking to rent your house or condo, give us a call. We will help you rent your condo or house for as much money as possible and make sure that you have the best possible tenant.


John Manneh and Laura Spracklin – Midtown Toronto Real Estate


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