Buying Your Home



It starts with listening.

  • Understanding your needs TODAY
  • Understanding your plans for the FUTURE
    Family composition
    Career aspirations
    Other properties/plans
  • Creating a realistic real estate budget
  • Understanding your preferences
  • Reviewing the pre-approval process

The search begins!

Looking beyond the ‘usual’ research portals of the internet, newspapers, “For Sale” signs, and meeting several REALTORS®.

Did you know?

  • Many properties for sale are never advertised
  • Many properties on the market do not display “For Sale” signs
  • Talking to many agents will not increase your chances of finding the right property

The next step: Profiling properties of interest

  • Comparable property values
  • Taxes
  • Utilities
  • Zoning
  • Restrictions
  • Public transportation
  • Proximity to schools, churches, shopping centres, recreational facilities, or other locations of interest
  • Future marketability
  • Outside factors (local development plans etc…)

A referral network with a national and global reach; bringing buyers and sellers to us.

  • Royal LePage is one of the largest real estate networks in Canada with over 14,000 REALTORS®.  We work with our offices and REALTORS® across to country to provide the best service to relocating clients.
  • Royal LePage is the national Canadian partner of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, the world’s largest referral network



I will help you get the right price by:

  • Performing a professional market overview
  • Presenting viable comparables
  • Reviewing the home’s selling history and area trends
  • Proposing a sound pricing strategy


Real estate negotiation is a skill developed through training and experience. As a trained and experienced J&D agent, I will help you get the best price by knowing:

  • Whether the property is worth the asking price
  • The availability of similar properties at a better price
  • How certain property features may affect future marketability
  • How outside factors affect future property values
  • The motivating factors of the seller
  • How I will manage counter offer


When buying a property, consider the time involved to:

  • Profile properties of interest
  • Find the right home
  • Negotiate with prospective sellers
  • Manage the process

I will help minimize your personal time requirements while finding you the right home and the right price.


There’s more that meets the eye to buying a home:

  • Negotiations with the seller and their REALTOR®
  • Home inspections
  • The purchase agreement and other documentation, forms and applications
  • In house legal advisor
  • Managing deposits
  • Loan application and processing
  • Mortgage insurance and title insurance
  • Monitoring your transaction through to closing or completion

My service as your J&D REALTOR® is to help make the process easier.

Be financially prepared
Know if you are financially ready to become a homeowner:

  • Calculate your household expenses
  • Calculate your total monthly expenses
  • How much do you think you can afford?
  • Decide on your maximum house price
  • Understand the mortgage pre-approval process
  • 2 in house mortgage representatives (TD Canada Trust & Oriana Financial)
  • Learn about the hidden costs


Using a J&D Realtor

  • Is the best way is to create a working relationship with one REALTOR® who acts as your buyer representative
  • That REALTOR® not only becomes responsible for helping you find the right home, they also become legally bound to represent your best interests
  • Instant paging/texting of listings, gives REALTORS® the advantage of being up-to-date with potential properties

For the majority of Canadians their home is their largest investment, so minimizing one’s risk is not only prudent – it is essential.

J&D…Services that make a difference

In today’s competitive market place, it is important that you get the best property at the best price.
Using the latest technologies and innovations, you can find out about available properties sooner and it makes it easier to keep in contact with you, my buyers.

In addition, personal follow-up assistance with purchases is all part of our HANDS ON approach to marketing.


  • Legal Fees Range.
  • Disbursements. Includes obtaining City Tax Certificate, City Zoning Reports, City Engineering Report, Sheriff’s Certificate, Registry Office searches, registering deed, registering mortgage, copies, postage, long distance calls, title insurance, etc.
  • Land Transfer Tax.
The formula for calculating ONTARIO is:
0.5% on the first $55,000
Plus 1% of the amount from $55,001 to $250,000
Plus 1.5% of the amount in excess of $250,001 to $400,000
Plus 2% of the amount in excess of $400,000
The formula for calculating TORONTO is:
0.5% on the first $55,000
Plus 1% of the amount from $55,001 to $400,000
Plus 2% of the amount in excess of $400,000
  • Survey. If no recent survey is available, a new one will cost approximately $1,200.00 – $1,500. Fees for larger and recreational properties will vary and could exceed average prices. Individual quotes are suggested.
  • Home Inspection. If you elect to have one, it will cost a minimum of $400.00
  • Arranging the Mortgage. Usually an appraisal fee of about $200.00 plus an administration fee of about $200 – $300. A new survey may also be necessary
  • The Move. Can vary greatly depending on the method you use (i.e. renting your own truck, packing yourself, having professional movers do the whole move, etc.).
  • Real Estate Fees.  _____%.  Please discuss with your Sales Representative.