Chaplin Estates Toronto Community News For The Week of January 19

John Manneh January 24, 2014

Happy 2014! We hope you all had a great holiday and managed to stay warm. Here is your Chaplin Estates Toronto Community news for this week. Be sure to check back every week, as we will be posting local news for the Chaplin Estates  area every Friday. We will also be posting more blogs with our own real estate advice as well as opinions on the Toronto Real Estate market which you will be able to find on the homepage of our website

Wychwood Library About To Receive Facelift

Chaplin Estates’ Wychwood Library is a beautifully historical building, dating back as far as 1884. This library has been largely underfunded in the past 20 years, but will soon undergo a renovation and expansion project from the Library Capital Budget as well as through Section 37 funding from nearby developments. A seniors centre will also be added to the building. In 2015, there will be community consultations with Chaplin Estates residents, seeking their input and participation to shape this space to serve the needs of the the Chaplin community. Read more on the expansion here. 

Time was right for Davis to be TCDSB chair

image-1 Jo-Ann Davis was chosen as the new Ward 9 chair on Nov. 28, after previously passing on the position. This time she says it “just felt right,” Davis says one of her main focuses for the Chaplin Estates Ward will be in building community partnershipsa and gaining funding for school boards. Click here to read more on this story.

Chaplin Estates Community Was Strong During The ice Storm

Toronto-in-winter-time-by-Mark.WatmoughIn the midst of an ice storm, the make or break for your wellbeing can often be the strength of the neighbourhood in which you live. Chaplin Estates proved to be a strong community for local residents who’s homes were hit by the ice storm. Local Chaplin resident Carolyn Bennett has written an excellent article on her experience through the ice storm which can be read here. If you know a Chaplin Estates  resident who really stepped up for the Chaplin neighbourhood during the ice storm, send us an email. we would love to share their story.

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