Rendezvous Church Seeks To ‘Spark’ Change In Parkdale Neighbourhood

John Manneh September 18, 2013




Scott Rourk is setting out to plant 10 churches in low income neighbourhoods across Toronto, such as the Parkdale neighborhood just eight miles south of Midtown.

Rendezvous Church in midtown was the first of the churches that Rourk is hoping to plant. The Parkdale and Scarborough churches also launched this year.

Love the city

Rourk invests in communities and earns the trust of residents. Rourk has been investing in Parkdale for about three years, even helping start a soccer league that meets twice a week.

Rendezvous Church hosted a soccer/Vacation Bible School camp this summer at a public school in Parkdale, as well as a SparkGood camp. Weeklong SparkGood camps were also held in midtown and Scarborough.

“We help kids spark a good idea, and then we help them go and do it,” Rourk said. “We help them think about one risk they could take that would make their community a better place.”

Other Rendezvous summer outreach efforts included prayer walking, block parties, street festivals and a bike repair clinic in midtown where volunteers repaired more than 700 bikes. “We try to create those moments, experiences and environments that will bring Christians and non-Christians together,” Rourk said. “That’s not just going to happen on a Sunday morning.”

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