Leslieville, still feels very much like a small village. It’s cozy houses, quaint stores, and tree lined streets, seem surprisingly serene and peaceful considering Leslieville’s close proximity to downtown Toronto.


Leslieville began as a small village back in the 1850’s. The village grew up around the Toronto Nurseries owned by George Leslie and sons, after whom this neighbourhood is named. Most of Leslieville’s residents were either market gardeners or were employed at one of several brick making companies that used to operate in the area. One of the first buildings in the village was the Leslieville Public School, built in 1863. Leslieville’s first principal was Alexander Muir who composed “The Maple Leaf Forever”. Muir’s poetic verse was inspired when a brilliant autumn maple leaf fell from a Leslieville tree onto his jacket. That maple tree is still standing today and has become Leslieville’s most famous landmark. It is designated by an historic plaque at the intersection of Laing Street and Memory Lane.


Leslieville, ON Real EstateLeslieville’s older houses along Queen Street, and south to Eastern Avenue were built in the late 1800’s. They include Ontario Cottages, Second Empire row houses and Victorian houses.

Leslieville’s second generation of houses, north of Queen Street, were built in the early 1900’s. This district includes modest detached and semi-detached houses as well as a large number of bungalows, that are among the tiniest houses in Toronto.


(P) Downtown Alternative School, 85 Lower Jarvis Street, (416) 393-1882
(P) Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School ,246 The Esplanade, (416) 393-1300
(P) Nelson Mandela Park Public School, 440 Shuter Street, (416) 393-1620
(P) Regent Park/Duke of York Junior Public School, 20 Regent Street, (416) 393-1730 ‎
(P) Lord Dufferin Junior and Senior Public School, 350 Parliament Street, (416) 393-1760
(P) Sprucecourt Junior Public School, 70 Spruce Street, 416-393-1522
(P) Winchester Junior and Senior Public School, 15 Prospect Street, (416) 393-1270
(P) Rose Avenue Junior Public School, 675 Ontario Street, (416) 393-1260
(P) Jackman Avenue Junior Public School, 79 Jackman Avenue, (416) 393-9710
(P) Westwood Middle School, 994 Carlaw Avenue East York, (416) 396-2480
(P) Chester Elementary School, 115 Gowan Avenue East York, (416) 396-2325
(P) William Burgess Elementary School, 100 Torrens Avenue East York, (416) 396-2490
(P) Frankland Community School, 816 Logan Avenue, (416) 393-9720
(P) Quest Alternative Senior School, 25 Bain Avenue, (416) 393-9430 ‎
(P) Withrow Avenue Junior Public School, 25 Bain Avenue, (416) 393-9440
(P) Dundas Junior Public School, 935 Dundas Street East, (416) 393-9565
(P) First Nations Junior and Senior School of Toronto, 935 Dundas Street East, (416) 393-0555 ‎
(P) SEED Alternative School, 885 Dundas St E, (416) 393-0564
(P) Queen Alexandra Middle School, 181 Broadview Ave, 416-393-9535
(P) Morse Street Junior Public School, 180 Carlaw Avenue, (416) 393-9494
(P) Pape Avenue Junior Public School, 220 Langley Avenue, (416) 393-9470
(P) East Alternative School of Toronto, 21 Boultbee Avenue, 416-393-8442
(P) Blake Street Junior Public School, 21 Boultbee Avenue Toronto, (416) 393-9415
(P) Earl Grey Senior Public School, 100 Strathcona Avenue, (416) 393-9545
(P) Wilkinson Junior Public School, 53 Donlands Avenue, 416-393-9575
(P) Leslieville Junior Public School, 254 Leslie Street, 416-393-9480
(P) Duke of Connaught Junior and Senior Public School, 70 Woodfield Road, (416) 393-9455
(P) Roden Public School, 51 Hiawatha Road, 416-393-9555
(P) Monarch Park Collegiate Institute, 1 Hanson St, (416) 393-0190
(P) Greenwood Secondary School, 24 Mountjoy Avenue, 416-393-0744
(P) Earl Haig Public School, 15 Earl Haig Avenue, (416) 393-1640 ‎
(P) Earl Beatty Junior and Senior Public School, 55 Woodington Avenue, (416) 393-9070
(P) Bowmore Road Junior and Senior Public School, 80 Bowmore Road, 416-393-9450
(P) Kew Beach Junior Public School, 101 Kippendavie Avenue, (416) 393-1810
(P) Norway Junior Public School, 390 Kingston Road, 416-393-1700
(P) Williamson Road Junior Public School, 24 Williamson Road, (416) 393-1740
(P) Glen Ames Senior Public School, 18 Williamson Road, (416) 393-1800
(P) Gledhill Junior Public School, 2 Gledhill Ave, (416) 393-1745
(P) Balmy Beach Community School, 14 Pine Avenue, (416) 393-1565
(P) Beaches Alternative Junior School, 50 Swanwick Avenue, (416) 393-1451
(P) Malvern Collegiate Institute, 55 Malvern Avenue, 416-393-1480
(P) Adam Beck Junior Public School, 400 Scarborough Road, (416) 393-1682)
(PH) Subway Academy I, 16 Phin Avenue, (416) 393-9466 ‎
(PH) Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute, 800 Greenwood Avenue, (416) 393-0620
(PH) Bruce Junior Public School, 51 Larchmount Avenue, 416-393-0670
(PH) Riverdale Collegiate Institute, 1094 Gerrard Street East, (416) 393-9820
(PH) Native Learning Centre, 83 Alexander Street Toronto,
(PH) Jarvis Collegiate Institute, 495 Jarvis Street, (416) 393-0140
(PH) Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, 711 Bloor Street East, (905) 882-1864 ‎
(PH) CALC Secondary School, 1 Danforth Avenue,
(PH) Inglenook Community School, 19 Sackville Street, (416) 393-0560
(PH) Eastdale Collegiate Institute, 701 Gerrard Street East, (416) 393-9630
(CA) St. Michael Annex, 50 George St., 416-393-5387
(CA) St. Michael Choir Sr., 66 Bond St., 416-393-5518
(CA) St. Paul, 80 Sackville St., 416-393-5204
(CA) Our Lady Of Lourdes, 444 Sherbourne Street, 416-393-5221
(CA) Msgr. Fraser – Toronto, 146 Isabella St., 416-393-5533
(CA) Holy Name, 690 Carlaw Ave., 416-393-5215
(CA) St. Joseph, 176 Leslie St., 416-393-5209
(CA) St. Patrick Catholic Secondary, 49 Felstead Ave., 416-393-5546
(CA) St. Brigid, 50 Woodmount Ave., 416-393-5235
(CA) St. Denis, 67 Balsam Ave., 416-393-5310
(CA) St. John, 780 Kingston Rd., 416-393-5220
(CA) Notre Dame, 12 Malvern Ave., 416-393-5501
(CA) Neil McNeil, 127 Victoria Park, 416-393-5502
(PR) Voice Intermediate School, 50 Gristmill Lane, (416) 691-4639
(PR) Toronto New School, 519 Jarvis Street, (416) 960-1867
(PR) Branksome Hall, 10 Elm Avenue Toronto, Ontario, (416) 920-6265
(PR) Montcrest School, 4 Montcrest Blvd.,416 469 2008
(PR) Gradale Academy, 159 Roxborough Drive Toronto, (416) 923-9009
(U) George Brown @ Ryerson University, 99 Gerrard Street East, (416) 415-2000
(C) George Brown – Young Centre For The Performing Arts, 55 Mill Street Building 59, (416) 415-2000
(C) George Brown College, 200 King Street East, (416) 415-2000


(P) Public School (PH) Public High School (CA) Catholic School (PR) Private School (PC) Private Catholic School (PJ) Private Jewish School (C) College (U) University


Leslieville’s main shopping district runs along historic Queen Street. Most of these stores are small independently owned shops that cater to the specific needs of the local residents.

The area on Gerrard Street East between Greenwood Avenue and Coxwell Avenue is known as the ïIndia Bazaar’. This is the commercial centre of Toronto’s East Indian community. The smell of incense and the sound of music provide an exotic backdrop to the shops on this street.

The clothing stores sell imported silk fabrics, and the restaurant vendors barbecue spicy corn on the cob out on the sidewalk.


Greenwood Park has three baseball diamonds, an artificial ice rink, a pool, and a playground. The Jonathan Ashbridge Park on the south side of Queen Street features two tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a wading pool.

The S.H. Armstrong Community Recreation Centre on Woodfield Road, has a gymnasium, an indoor pool, a fitness room, a craft room and meeting rooms.

The Gerrard/Ashdale Public Library has a wide variety of programs for children, adults and seniors.


Leslieville is well served by the public transit system which operates bus or streetcar routes on Carlaw, Jones, Greenwood, Coxwell, and Eastern Avenues, as well as Queen and Gerrard Streets. Most of these bus routes link up with stations on the Bloor-Danforth subway line.

Motorists can be downtown in minutes. Lake Shore Boulevard, the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway are also close by.


Leslie Grove Park – 1158 Queen Street East

A small park on Queen Street East at Jones Avenue that features a ball diamond, a wading pool and a children’s playground.

Leslie Grove Shack is located inside Leslie Grove Park. The shack offers youth program on Friday nights.

Maple Leaf Forever Park – 62 Laing St

Greenwood Dog Park -150 Greenwood Ave

A 6.2 heactare park on Greenwood Avenue north of Dundas Street East that features two lighted ball diamonds, a mutlipurpose sports field, an off leash dog park, a community garden, a splash pad, outdoor pool and a children’s playground. There is also an outdoor artificial ice rink that is operational during the winter months and converts into a skateboard park for the summer months. The ice rink features a hockey pad and a pleasure pad. The entrance to the rink is on Alton Ave, which runs one way north.

Greenwood Park Outdoor Pool is located at the north end of the park. It features a 35m shallow pool which is approximately 2m at the deep end. There is a large pool deck with a raised seating area on the north side.

Hideaway Park – 23 Audley Avenue

A small park near Dundas Street East and Pape Avenue that features a dog off leash area, a ball hockey pad, a wading pool and a children’s playground.

Matty Eckler Playground – 953 Gerrard St E

Matty Eckler is a facility that provides programs at quality level training at cost effective prices available to all. It is a friendly and community oriented Community Recreation Centre located south-east corner of Pape Ave. and Gerrard St.

John Chang Neighbourhood Park – 50 Colgate Avenue



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