Swansea Village is the only Toronto neighbourhood that has its own community run Town Hall. Swansea is also the only Toronto neighbourhood to have a lake, a river, and a pond as it’s natural boundaries. Swansea’s hilly terrain, winding roads and many mature trees accentuate the storybook houses that line the residential streets of this neighbourhood.


Swansea was incorporated as a village in 1926. The Swansea Village corporate seal reveals a great deal about the colourful history of this neighbourhood.

Included on the Swansea seal is explorer Etienne Brule, who in 1615 became the first European to set foot on what is now Swansea. Also shown is a First Nations member. This is symbolic in that it recognizes that First Nations members were the first people to inhabit Swansea, hundreds of years ago.

The hills in the Swansea Village seal represent Swansea’s rolling countryside, which is similar to the topography found in Swansea, Wales, after which this neighbourhood is named. The water in the Swansea seal refers to Swansea’s natural boundaries, which include Lake Ontario, the Humber River and Grenadier Pond.

In 1967, Swansea Village joined Forest Hill Village as one of the last two independent villages to be annexed by the City of Toronto.


Swansea’s high end homes are located either at the western edge of High Park overlooking Grenadier Pond, or at the Brule Gardens enclave found in the north-west pocket of Swansea.

Swansea also contains a large number of semi-detached houses and bungalows located mostly in the centre of the neighbourhood. The typical Swansea house was built between 1905 and 1935.

At the south end of Swansea, down Windermere Avenue, is a cluster of rental apartment buildings. This pocket includes some of the original Swansea workers cottages, built in the 1880’s.


(P) Islington Junior Middle School, 44 Cordova Ave,
(P) Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, 86 Montgomery Road, (416) 394-7840
(P) Norseman Junior Middle School, 105 Norseman St.
(P) Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School, 525 Prince Edward Dr.
(P) George R Gauld Junior School, 200 Melrose St., 416-394-7830
(P) David Hornell Junior School, 32 Victoria St, (416) 394-7690
(P) Etobicoke School of the Arts, 675 Royal York Road, (416) 394-6910
(P) Sunnylea Junior School, 35 Glenroy Avenue, (416) 394-3850
(P) Karen Kain School of the Arts, 60 Berl Avenue, (416) 394-7979
(P) George R Gauld Junior School, 200 Melrose Street, (416) 394-7830
(P) Etienne Brule Junior School, 50 Cloverhill Road, (416) 394-7850
(P) Swansea Junior and Senior Public School, 207 Windermere Avenue, (416) 393-9080
(P) Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School, 357 Runnymede Road, (416) 393-9055
(P) Ursula Franklin Academy, 146 Glendonwynne Road, (416) 393-0430
(P) The Student School, 125 Evelyn Cres
(P) Western Technical-Commercial School, 125 Evelyn Crescent, (416) 393-0500
(P) High Park Alternative School Jr, 265 Annette St, (416) 393-9050
(P) Annette Street Junior and Senior PublicSchool, 265 Annette Street, (416) 393-9040
(P) Humberside Collegiate Institute, 280 Quebec Avenue, (416) 393-0000
(P) Keele Street Junior Public School, 99 Mountview Avenue, (416) 393-9035
(P) Mountview Alternative Junior School, 99 Mountview Avenue,
(P) Indian Road Crescent Junior Public School, 285 Indian Road, (416) 393-9025
(P) Perth Avenue Junior Public School, 14 Ruskin Avenue, (416) 393-1410
(P) Safe and Caring Schools, 21 Randolph Avenue
(P) Howard Junior Public School, 30 Marmaduke Street, 30 Marmaduke St
(P) Garden Avenue Junior Public School, 225 Garden Avenue
(P) Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School, 128 Fern Avenue, (416) 393-9130
(P) Queen Victoria Junior Public School, 100 Close Avenue, (416) 393-9200
(P) Parkdale Collegiate Institute, 209 Jameson Avenue, (416) 393-9000
(P) Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School, 78 Seaforth Avenue
(P) Shirley Street Junior Public School, 38 Shirley Street, (416) 393-9270
(P) City View Alternative Senior School, 38 Shirley Street, (416) 393-8708
(P) Brock Public School, 93 Margueretta Street,
(P) Kent Senior Public School, 980 Dufferin Street
(CA) St. Louis, 11 Morgan Ave. (416) 393-5331
(CA) Holy Angels, 65 Jutland Rd., (416) 393-5329
(CA) Bishop Allen Academy, 721 Royal York Rd., 416-393-5549
(CA) Our Lady of Sorrows, 32 Montgomery Rd. 416-393-5246
(CA) St. Pius X, 71 Jane St., (416) 393-5237
(CA) St. Mark, 45 Cloverhill Rd., (416) 393-5332
(CA) James Culnan, 605 Willard Ave., (416) 393-5325
(CA) St. Cecilia, 355 Annette St., (416) 393-5218
(CA) St. Luigi, 2 Ruskin Ave., (416) 393-5370
(CA) Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton, 1515 Bloor St. W., 416-393-5545
(CA) St. Vincent de Paul, 116 Fermanagh Ave., (416) 393-5227
(CA) Holy Family, 141 Close Ave., (416) 393-5212
(CA) Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton, 1515 Bloor St. W., (416) 393-5545


(P) Public School (PH) Public High School (PH) Public High School (PH) Public High School (PH) Public High School (PH) Public High School (PH) Public High School (U) University


The Swansea Town Hall and Community Centre includes a small gymnasium, and a selection of meeting rooms available for a variety of functions. Swansea Town Hall is also the home of the Swansea Memorial Public Library, the smallest branch of the Toronto Public Library system. This branch specializes in material for children and seniors and provides complete inter-library loan services.

Rennie Park, located on the east side of Rennie Terrace, south of Morningside Avenue, has four tennis courts, an artificial ice rink, and a wading pool. High Park which can be accessed from Bloor Street, features a full day of recreational activities including fishing, theatre performances, train rides, an animal zoo, historical exhibits, a restaurant and a myriad of fitness opportunities.


Swansea is served by a bus route on Windermere and Morningside Avenues. The Runnymede and Jane subway stations on the Bloor-Danforth subway line are within walking distance of many of the houses in this neighbourhood.

Motorists enjoy the convenience of being located only minutes away from the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard.


High Park – 1873 Bloor Street West


High Park encompasses 399 acres of public parkland. This city park includes a fishing pond, an outdoor theatre, an animal paddocks, picnic grounds, playgrounds, a restaurant, an historic museum, flower gardens, an adventure playground and a trackless train.

Rennie Park – 1 Rennie Terrace

A 9.7 hectare park near Bloors Street West and the South Kingsway features four lighted tennis courts, shuffle board an artificial ice rink, a gazebo, two picnic areas, a wading pool, a children’s playground and a dog off leash area.



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