Davisville Village Toronto Community News From January 27 to February 7

John Manneh February 10, 2014

We are back with your Davisville Village community news! We hope everyone stayed safe on the roads last week with all the snow.

Here are all the news and events for Davisville Village Toronto from the last two weeks (January 27 to February 7). Remember to check back as we will be posting the Davisville Village Toronto community news updates regularly. We also be post blogs with real estate advice and other useful content which you will be able to find on the homepage of our site www.calljohnandlaura.com.

Pickup And Dropoff Zone Extended At Davisville School

Parents of kids at Davisville Junior Public School and the Metropolitan School for the Deaf will soon have more parking on Millwood Road, as Toronto and East York Community Council decided on Jan. 15 to extend the pickup and dropoff area. Read more here.


Where to go for Winterlicious in Midtown Toronto

For those of you that do not know about Winterlicious, it is an annual event where people can explore a wide variety of menus at upscale restaurants in Toronto, for a very discounted fixed price for a full 3-course lunch or dinner. Davisville Village is close to many of the featured restaurants. You can view some of the restaurants on the menu here.


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