Groups returning to the Leaside Gardens

John Manneh September 23, 2013

Arena_Web_3x4Three permit user groups for Leaside Memorial Community Gardens have returned home.The Leaside Skating Club, Leaside Hockey Association and Toronto Leaside Girls’ Hockey Association began their fall programs Sept. 3 at the Southvale and Millwood rink, which had been closed for repairs. The swimming facility is also open.The facility expansion project, which broke ground in June 2012, included the construction of Bert F. Grant Rink, the first new rink to be built in Toronto in 40 years. In addition to repairs to the current rink and the swimming pool, the 3,200-square-foot expansion includes a new main entrance, lobby and spectator seating area, six new dressing rooms, office and meeting space, and expanded parking for more than 250 vehicles.Read the full article here.

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