The Top Home Maintenance Steps To Take Prior to Winter ​

John Manneh November 4, 2014


Now that we are heading into the colder parts of the year, there are some main home maintenance steps that you should be taking before winter is in full effect:


1. Clean Out Your Eavestroughs
Unclogging your eavestroughs is critical as you still need water to flow properly without dripping down and staining the exterior walls of your house or causing any ice damage to your walls or roof. The best time to schedule someone to perform this task would be mid November.


2. Turn Off The Water To The Outside Of Your House 
This is a very important step to take to ensure that your pipes won’t freeze and possibly burst during the winter. The Valve for your outside water is typically on the inside of the wall. Turn off the valve, bleed the rest of the water out of the area and leave the tap on the outside of your house wide open to ensure that all the water will drip out.


3. Clean Your Furnace Or Boiler
Cleaning your furnace or boiler will help to ensure that they continue to work throughout the winter. Many homeowners sign up an annual maintenance program with companies such as Enbridge, where someone will come at the beginning of the cooling season and arrange some preventative maintenance and cleaning. We highly recommend an annual maintenance program as most programs will include a free service that will send someone to your home at no cost if you have any issues with your furnace or boiler during the winter. If you are not part of an annual plan then those visits can be quite expensive.


4. Seal Your Exterior
Sealing your exterior can include the following:
painting your wood frame windows or storm windows
Painting not only helps with curb appeal but also helps to add a barrior that will prevent moisture from coming in. Also be sure to seal where your house meets your driveway, and if you have any tuck pointing or mortar work then sealing up your brick is critical as well.


If you are planning on selling your home during the winter, now is the time to be proactive and take care of any exterior work to best present your home. This could include:
– Driveway sealing
– Exterior painting
– Fixing staircases
– Roof repairs
– Window repairs


John Manneh & Laura Spracklin – Midtown Toronto Real Estate


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