MADD brings Smashed video to Leaside High School students

John Manneh September 11, 2013

3hEY_MADDdubyk0909_ContentThis week in Toronto, Leaside High School experienced the assembly program held by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The assembly features an emotional video, which shows three real life victims who have experienced the consequences of impaired driving.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada (MADD), has been in partnership with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) for close to 20 years, and has launched its School Assembly Program for the 2013-2014 academic year Monday, Sept. 9.

The presentation, aptly titled Smashed, a term that is commonly used when talking about how drunk someone plans to get that night, will be shown in 1,050 schools in Ontario.

The students of Leaside High School were the first to be shown the fictional video about three friends who skip out on a school dance to attend a house party. Drinking ensues and one of them ends up making a decision that changes all of their lives. Next the video shifts to the stories of three real-life victims of impaired driving.

“It was really hard to take in, I was tearing up at a lot of points,” said Grade 12 student Aalaya Milne.

Sniffles could be heard throughout the auditorium as the video made the shift to the three victims, Arsh Brar, 20, who was killed by a drunk driver, Keisha Trudel, 16, who was a passenger in a car with a drunk driver, and Riley Russell, 20, was hit by an alleged impaired driver.

You can read about the reactions of the students here.

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