Selling Your Home



There are many complexities involved in every real estate transaction.

  • Preparing the home for sale
  • Preparing all the necessary documentation
  • Managing purchase deposits
  • Liaison with other professionals, i.e. lawyers, other agents, appraisers, home inspectors, utilities etc.
  • Specify terms of agreement for the buyer
  • Ensuring that all transactions comply with regulations and legal requirements
  • Administrative team at J&D that act as a resource to handle all the details, i.e. legal, technology, support & marketing)
  • Support of three non-selling managers

My service as a J&D agent is to manage your transaction from opening to close.


When listing a home, consider the time involved to:

  • Prepare your house for sale (including staging, measurements and photography)
  • Develop and implement a customized marketing plan that targets your most-likely buyers
  • Manage open houses and showings
  • Respond to buyer and agent questions about the property
  • Negotiate with prospective buyers and co-operating agents
  • Trained front desk / appointment desk team; manage all calls
I will help minimize both your personal time requirements and your time on the market and maximize your property’s availability to prospective buyers.


I will help you optimize your selling price by:

  • Performing a professional market overview<
  • Presenting viable comparables
  • Reviewing your present home’s selling history
  • Proposing a sound pricing strategy
  • Estimating the net proceeds from the sale of your home


Real estate negotiation is a skill developed through training and experience. As a trained and experienced J&D agent, I will help you get the best price for your home, by doing the following:

  • Pre-qualifying buyers
  • Identifying motivating factors of the prospective buyer
  • Working with other agents
  • Setting viable contract terms and conditions
  • Managing counter offers
  • Optimizing multiple offer situations
  • Negotiating a favourable closing
  • Agent / office tour


Services that make a difference

In today’s competitive market place, it is important that you get the best property at the best price. Using the latest technologies and innovations, you can find out about available properties sooner and it makes it easier to keep in contact with you, my buyers.

In addition, personal follow-up assistance with purchases is all part of our HANDS ON approach to marketing.

Making your listing available to today’s tech savvy consumer by:

  • Mobile website
  • Mobile keywords ‘App’

Use social media outlets to distribute listing details (Twitter) posts.


There are many facets to effectively marketing your home:

  • Identifying a target market
  • Creating a compelling story for the home, i.e. amenities, neighbourhood, commute etc.
  • Capturing impactful photography
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Creating local marketing campaigns
  • Managing internet marketing
  • Co-ordination of other professionals, i.e. stagers, printers, advertising, media etc.
  • Hosting and managing open houses


Royal Lepage marketing services include:

  • J&D lawn sign
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)® Listing and
  • Open Houses (optional)
  • listing and listing

In addition, an intensive marketing program will use the latest promotional tools, tactics, and technologies to give your home maximum exposure.


Mobile Marketing

The J&D mobile website pushes the boundaries by providing buyers with enhanced information about neighbourhoods’ and available properties.

  • Developed for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry
  • Cross-Canada property searching
  • Provides consumer rankings on local businesses
  • A GPS locator to help identify local amenities including schools, banks, grocery stores, restaurants and cafes

Online Marketing

  • High quality, interior photos will demonstrate the full value of your home
  • To bring your home to life for the buyer:
  • J&D Slide Shows showcase your property in a professional photo presentation complete with animation, text and music.
  • J&D Web Commercials demonstrate the full value and appeal of your home.

J&D agents have access to the Royal LePage Marketing Centre, a robust online marketing resource with hundreds of professionally designed print, email and multimedia tools that include:

  • Postcards
  • E-newsletters
  • E-cards
  • Listing Kits
  • Open House Flyers
  • Property cards

…and so much more

A referral network with a North America reach; bringing buyers and sellers to us

  • Royal LePage is one of the largest real estate networks in Canada with over 14,000 REALTORS®. We work with our offices and REALTORS® across to country to provide the best service to relocating clients.
  • J&D has approximately 225 agents and is located at 477 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON M4S 2L9
  • With sister companies in the U.S. by way of Prudential and Real Living, Royal LePage agents have a network of professionals from which to send and receive leads.


For the majority of Canadians, their homes are their largest investment, so minimizing one's risk is not only prudent - it is essentials.

As a J&D agent, I will:

  • Identify charges on titles and caveats on the home which may disrupt a sale
  • Identify unnoticed features with the home
  • Manage a lock box to protect the contents of your home
  • Protect your privacy to mitigate identify theft
  • Act as a buffer between you and other third parties


  • Legal Fees Range.
  • Real Estate Fees. _____%.  Please discuss with your Sales Representative.
  • H.S.T. 13% of the Real Estate Commission.
  • Discharge of Mortgage. There may or may not be a penalty. Please check with your lending institution.
  • The Move. Can vary greatly depending on the method you use (i.e. renting your own truck, packing yourself,
    having professional movers do the whole move, etc.).