Marketing Your Home


  • The MLS Contract will be submitted to the Toronto Real Estate board within 24 hours in order for the 36000 strong membership to access the information through their on-line computer system.
  • The “For Sale” sign and lockbox will be installed within 48 hours. (This combination can increase activity by up to 50%.)
  • Notify every Sales Associate in the Johnston & Daniel Division through our internal communication system.
  • Develop Feature and Benefit Materials and distribute to:
    Johnston & Daniel Division and Royal LePage Titles
    Active agents in the market
    Direct to prospective buyers
  • The assist in preparation of your home for showing in consultation with you.
  • Develop a series of advertisements in consultation with you, the seller.
  • Submit details of your home and photographs to both the Johnston and Daniel and the Royal LePage Internet sites and if applicable, the Luxury Portfolio.
  • Strategize the optimum exposure for the first advertisement placement.
  • Facilitate an open house for REALTORS®.
  • Facilitate a series of open houses for the public.
  • Facilitate a neighbours only open house.
  • Prepare a “Market Update” consisting of follow ups to showings and inspections of your home plus an update on competing listings and comparable sales.
  • Follow up with the gathering of feedback from agents who have seen the property.
  • Strategize the effective time to ‘come to market’ including exclusive and MLS exposure (if appropriate).


As part of the creative ways we can market your home, we make extensive use of the Internet through the World Wide Web through your home is displayed to those looking for the very best in real estate in Toronto. Past, present and future clients know that the beautiful homes in Toronto will be found on our World Wide Web site displayed with photographs.

Your home is also marketed to the world at, the second largest real estate Internet site in Canada, displaying over 20,000 properties currently listed for sale. With such an extensive selection of properties, as well as features such as mortgage calculators, a first time buyers guide, features of our cities and virtual tours of homes, attracts over 5,500,000 visits per month, resulting in $25,000,000 in business a year and growing.

For your privacy, only the basic information about your home is displayed on the Internet, no addresses are given unless permission is given. Your sales representative is accessible to anyone in the world through their e-mail. Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. – Over 20,000 properties for sale all across Canada, virtual reality tours of properties, current market information, and mobile format. Royal LePage, Johnston & Daniel Division. All Division listings, information on Luxury Portfolio and our Luxury Portfolio listings, virtual reality tours of properties for sale. Canadian Real Estate Association, basic information on the housing market, Canadian Realtor News, information on home ownership issues, and mobile format. Listings placed on TMLS (Toronto Multiple Listing Service) will automatically be placed on – the national site with the largest number of page views.


Virtual Reality Video tours on the internet
New virtual reality internet listing service

As an industry leader and innovator, Royal LePage, Johnston & Daniel Division is constantly sourcing creative ways to market your home. Using Virtual Reality technology, we can effectively market your listing to the world with a Virtual Reality Tour on our internet sites located at and

With over 1.5 million hits per month to our web site, Royal LePage is one of the most popular real estate corporate web sites in North America.

Quick, Courteous and Effective
Your listing agent, or a certified technician, can visit your home and film panoramic views, showing a 360 degree 3-D view of the features that make your home special.

Whether it is your garden in bloom, the warmth of your living room, the expanse of a dining room or the modern features of your kitchen or ensuites, we capture the image and using leading edge VR technology; post these images on the internet in your Virtual Reality gallery and our listing database.

The Power of the Internet
A prospective purchaser with a Java-enabled Internet browser can quickly view these images on their computer and with the click of their mouse; see a 3-D scene in a complete 360-degree panoramic view of your home. They can then send a message to your salesperson to find out the details of your property and arrange a viewing in person. For more information on how we can market your property to the world, just ask your Royal LePage, Johnston & Daniel Division sales representative.


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Make sure that buyers see the very best your home has to offer. The following are some ideas to assist you to see your home through the eyes of buyers.

Curb Appeal
  • Lawn & Garden: mow, trim, weed, clean away any dead foliage.
  • Extra vehicles: remove from curb view.
  • Clean windows and sills.
  • Keep walks and driveways clear of snow and debris.
  • Repair doors and windows, screens and hardware.
  • Fix or paint siding and fencing as needed.
  • Dynamize by adding large planter, wreath or new doormat at entrance.
  • Add potted flowers to deck.
  • Add new house number or brass door fixture. Paint front door.
  • Tidy and organize. Make sure door opener works.
  • Sweep floors, clean grease spots, store garden tools.
Bathrooms & Kitchen:
  • Tidy counters, clean extra appliances, accessories, etc
  • Clean cupboards inside and out.
  • Clean away any mildew in shower or around tub.
  • Repair faucets, toilets or any leaking or dripping taps
  • Patch & paint wall and ceiling cracks.
  • Add scented soaps or potpourri.
  • Clean cupboards, medicine cabinets. Pack extras away.
  • Check light switches and fixtures.
  • Clean and deodorize garbage areas.
  • Fix grout and caulking as needed.
  • Add green or flowering plants.
Living/Dining Rooms, Bedrooms & Hallways:
  • Keep hallways and foyers clear of obstacles.
  • Re-arrange furniture for openness.
  • Straighten book shelves.
  • Clean fireplace.  Arrange for fire to be lit during showings.
  •  Put all unnecessary or out-of-season coats, boots etc. away.
  • Tidy play areas, arrange children’s bedrooms to look fun and inviting.
  • Conduct minor repairs throughout.
  • Arrange fresh flowers, potpourri, etc. around the room.
Clean, Repair & Dynamize!
Call me for the names of dependable tradespeople to help you get the job done.
Things to Remember:
  • Many purchases are made on an emotional basis. Keep you home warm and cozy, if in winter, or cool and fresh, if in summer, so it feels inviting!
  • Clean your closets – show off how spacious they really are.
  • Cigarette smoke is offensive to many.  Keep ashtrays washed, and try to smoke outside.
  • Be courteous and friendly, but never engage in conversation with a buyer.
  • Never let anyone wander in off the street no matter how interested they say they are. Your safety comes first!
  • Please feel free to call me with your questions, concerns  and comments.
  • Open drapes and blinds – keep rooms and hallways bright and cheerful.
  • Be scrupulous about wastebaskets, garbage bins and litter boxes.
  • Use exterior lights at night. Your home will look more inviting.
  • Never discuss price, terms etc. with the buyer.  Let the salespeople work with their customers in your best interest.
  • Never let an agent show your home without a confirmed appointment from our office and presenting the applicable business cards/I.D.


Increased Generational Exposure
Society is undergoing a transformation on how we communicate with each other and the catalyst for this paradigm shift is due to the increased popularity of Social Media. There are a few social media and networking applications that have become the prominent players and their include blogging, twitter, linkedin and facebook.

Royal LePage/Johnston & Daniel Division (J&D) has long been recognized as an innovator in the field of real estate and as such we endeavor to ensure that our brokers and salespeople have a substantial presence on many social media platforms.

To find our social media sites and those of our brokers & salespeople, please visit:

  Located at

  Located at

  Located at (individual sites)

  Located at (individual sites)


J&D Internet Syndication Program
Royal LePage/Johnston & Daniel Division (J&D) believes attaining maximum exposure for your listings locally, nationally and internationally is the wave of the future in our new global economy. Buyers are no longer just sourced from just the local markets. To capture prospective clients, the reach must now be comprehensive and widespread. In order to accomplish this objective, we ensure that your listings attain this reach through the J&D Internet Syndication Program.

Through this program, which includes many forms of Social Media distribution, your listings are propagated and displayed on the following popular web sites:

J&D Corporate Site:
Royal LePage Corporate Site:
J&D Real Estate Blog:
J&D Twitter Site:
MLS Site:
Toronto Region Site:
International Relocation Network:
RELO Home Search:
For eligible properties:
Luxury Portfolio: