The Top 3 Reasons Why A Seller Should Complete A Pre-List Home Inspection

John Manneh March 10, 2014

Here are the top 3 reasons why a house seller should complete their own pre-list home inspection before going on the market. 

1. Highlight Your Home’s New Renovations
If your home has been renovated and has gone through a lot of updates, a pre-list home inspection is a great marketing tool to help promote your home.
If people love your house, and then can also see a report that tells them all the great value there is behind the scenes, that further enhances the value in the minds of a buyer.

2. Uncover Your Homes Weaknesses And Make Repairs 
If you have your own pre-list inspection, your home inspector can uncover anything that a buyer’s inspector may uncover later on. This gives you the opportunity to make any repairs before you go on the market, and have responses ready to questions that you know will come up about the home.
Many of the things you uncover during a home inspection can be every inexpensive to fix but offer thousands of dollars in perceived value.

3. Encourage Offers On The Offer Night
Right now in the strong sellers market that Toronto is experiencing, you can expect multiple home offers on nice properties. People know that they can’t put a home inspection condition in an offer if there are multiple offers from other buyers. Having a home inspection available for them encourages them to at least put in an offer, whereas they would have to either put in a home inspection condition or spend $500 and 3 hours of their own time to do a home inspection in advance of the offer date not knowing if they are even going to buy the house. Having your own home inspection will make things easy for everyone involved and help you bring in more offers.
When we represent buyers, we always recommend that they do their own home inspection in advance of the offer date, and avoid relying on the pre-list home inspection unless it has been completed by a reputable company and a home inspector that we know. There are a lot of home inspections that are very blank and from companies we have never heard of, which is why we advise you to at least put aside some money to do a home inspection just incase.


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