The City of Toronto Has Launched It’s Home Energy Loan Program

John Manneh March 25, 2014

Energy-Retrofit-ImageThe City of Toronto has launched it’s pilot program HELP – Home Energy Loan Program. HELP is a new financing tool offered by the City of Toronto that will help homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency and save money. For many people, the high upfront cost of making home improvements can prevent homeowners from making changes such as installing a new energy efficient furnace or replacing windows on a home.


HELP offers low interest loans to qualifying homeowners who are looking to improve the energy and water efficiency of their home.



Some home energy improvements that are eligible for a low interest loan through help include:

– High efficiency furnace/boiler

– High efficiency water heater,

– High efficiency central air conditioner

– Window and door replacement

Visit the website to see a listing of other home improvements that may be eligible for a HELP low interest loan.


Through HELP, the City will provide the upfront funding required to complete the improvements and the homeowner will repay the City over time through installments on their property tax bill (participants will be automatically enrolled in the City’s pre-authorized payment plan and make 11 payments per year).


At this time, the Pilot Program is available only for homes in the areas with the first three digits of their postal code listed below:

Black Creek – M3N
Toronto Centre/Riverdale/Beaches – M4E, M4L, M4M, M4J, M1N, M4C, M4K, M5A
Junction/High Park – M6P, M6S
South Scarborough – M1M, M1E, M1C, M1L, M1K, M4B

The pilot program is a three-year program and additional postal code areas may become eligible to participate in the future.


To learn more about HELP visit:


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