The Smart Choice For New Condo Construction Purchases

John Manneh June 27, 2013

condo 1 There are many advantages to having a real estate agent help you with new condo construction purchases. We can advise you from a re-sale standpoint which floor plans are best and help you study the floor plans carefully to suggest any changes that you would want to make with the builder prior to construction. In addition, the salespeople at the sales office work for the builder so you need someone on your side representing your best interests. The new construction agreement is much thicker than a re-sale agreement and there is a lot of fine print that the sales people do not tell you about. You need to make sure that you are covered with respect to being able to assign your condo if you choose to sell it before the condo is built, you need to make sure that your closing costs are capped and we will help you negotiate this. At closing, in addition to the land transfer tax, there are other closing costs associated with new construction purchases that you don’t have with re-sale. People who have not been advised properly end up being surprised with $10,000+ costs on closing. Furthermore, with there being a number of new developments in most areas of Toronto, we can advise you on which are the best condos to invest in. There are so many benefits to making sure that you are represented by your own real estate agent and one final point that we will mention is that we can help you get into VIP events to be one of the first to purchase in a new development so that you can buy the best floor plans and views.

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