Toronto Chaplin Estates News For April 5 – May 14

John Manneh May 15, 2014

Here is your Toronto Chaplin Estates news for April 5 – May 14.

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MIHEVC: Things are booming in Ward 21

Ward 21 continues to attract lots of interest in new development. A few properties in the St. Clair area are currently under review or in the construction process. Click here to read more.

No Stintz vote if city to sue Chatsworth developer

image-5Residents who live near a proposed development site on Chatsworth Avenue that saw work crews take down trees without a permit in February were told recently city staff are still pursuing charges against developer Parkset Developments. but local councillor Karen Stintz won’t be able to vote on the matter due to conflict of interest.

Click here to read more.

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