What Makes Midtown Toronto An Ideal Place To Live?

John Manneh September 26, 2013

For many Toronto residents, Midtown is considered a prime location. But what makes this such an ideal place to live? Here is some information regarding the unique features of Midtown Toronto, and the demographics of it’s residents:


  • Yonge – Eglinton area in midtown Toronto is an Anchor Hub in the GTA

  • 21,000 people live in Yonge–Eglinton within 1 km of the station

  • 16,800 jobs within 1 km of the Yonge–Eglinton station

  • 76% or 15,960 people rent their homes

  • Ages 25 to 46 – young & eligible

  • $76,749 average household income with 56% single households only

  • Top 2 reasons for choosing to live in midtown is access to public transit & central location

  • 60% take public transit

Daily Pedestrian Count

Yonge & Eglinton – 42,680

Bay & Dundas – 35,585

Future Transit – Eglinton Crosstown expansion

  • Largest light rail transit expansion in the history of Toronto

  • $8.4 billion dollar infrastructure investment

  • Connects between 52 km of new light rail transit

  • Strengthen economy, ease congestion, provide easy connection to subways, buses and Go Transit.

  • Will run underground from Black Creek Drive to Laird Drive, and above ground to Kennedy Station.

  • Once complete, will cut transit time in half along this important mid-town corridor.

  • Construction is currently underway and expected completion is 2020.

With this information in mind, we encourage you to consider Midtown for your next move, and of course give us a call when you are thinking of buying or selling.



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