Why Do HCDs Matter?

John Manneh October 31, 2013

OHC-exterior-01Our city is built on a collection of choices and actions throughout it’s history. We recognize that some stories add value and tell us something about ourselves.  This heritage is an asset that the city needs to draw upon.

HCD’s are a policy tool designed to ensure we do just that.  By managing growth to be in keeping with our heritage, not only do we reinforce a distinct sense of place in our city, but we also add economic value.  The Brookings Institute states, “As a local economic development tool, heritage preservation has more than proven its value.  While it is often more efficient and profitable to redevelop buildings, even more importantly, heritage preservation boosts land values.”

But in Toronto, hasn’t so much already been lost, that it’s hardly worth saving it at all?  I often hear this refrain.  And its true – we are late to the game and we do have some significant catching up to do when it comes to protecting our heritage.

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